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It's really good!
I grew up with Ed Emberley's Drawing Book of Animals. It's a terrific book that shows kids and grownups how to construct animals step by step out of letters and simple shapes they already know how to draw, and one that influenced my graphical style.

A while back I made an Online Advent Calendar with 25 "Animal Puppets". For every day in December up until Christmas, a new puppet is unlocked! Each shows off its construction from shapes and symbols and each is a little puppet you can operate with the mouse movement and button or screen interaction.

The animal puppets start simple but get complex, so come back every day for a new virtual toy! And if you would like to learn about how I made these and how you can make your own toys, check out the GitHub project page.

If you'd like to learn how to draw these animals, and many more, buy the book! It's terrific for kids and grownups to learn on their own or together.

Happy Holidays!
Kirk <>

PS I am currently on a jobhunt! If your team could use a UI Engineer, skilled in React, TypeScript and other modern technology (along with being able to make the P5/Canvas-based interactions featured here!) hit me up on LinkedIn!